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On the latest "Refin' It Up" podcast, Brian Hebner discussed the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Screwjob. Hebner was asked if he thought the Montreal Screwjob was a work or a shoot:

"I think it was a work shoot. I think there was some shooting to it and I think there was a work to it too. I think that it was definitely not 100% shoot. I think one half knew one half didn’t. Well, How do you have cameras in the back recording this day? So a lot of people will say, 'Well, maybe this is something that Bret had hired to do for him. Do you think WWE is gonna allow somebody to come in that's leaving the company to do a biography? No, that's not happening. So do you think WWE wanted to film this if this was really, really a shoot, would want to film him leaving to go to another company and everybody knows about it? It's just too much of a coincidence to me to think that this is an actual shoot.”

“Well, here's the thing. People ask the question, is it a shoot or is it not? Here's the thing? Would it be a shoot with Shawn knowing and Bret not? That's why I say it's a shoot-work. I just think that it was worked by Shawn and a shoot for Bret”

Brian on Earl Hebner’s involvement:

“He was literally in the Gorilla position. He was grabbed by Gerald Brisco and literally pushed up against the wall and said, 'I need you to do this', was broken down for him and said, 'Can you do this for me?' Obviously, my dad agreed that he could do it for him. He did it because he was trying to take care of the company he worked for. So that was a shoot for him. But then it turned into a work because now it's a work for him.”

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"My uncle (Dave Hebner) had the car backed up to the doors that led outside the arena and the tunnel, had all their bags, my dad literally rang the bell, jumped out the ring went straight up the ramp, straight down gorilla position, straight down the hallway, straight out the door, and straight to the car, and then went to the hotel and took all the furniture that were in that hotel room and pushed it all against the door, locked it, chained it, and just sat there like, holy sh*t.”

“They all stayed in the same hotel then. That was called the TV Hotel. Obviously, your top talent were staying at the TV Hotel. That's where Bret would be at and that's where they were right. So yeah, he was locking that sumbitch up tight. He didn't want anybody to come in there. That's for sure."

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