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Brian Kendrick apologizes again for Holocaust comments, working with The Survivor Mitzvah Project



Former WWE star Brian Kendrick was set to make his AEW debut on the February 2nd episode against Jon Moxley just a day after obtaining his WWE release. He started trending on social media because after his AEW debut was announced, fans posted old clips of him giving conspiracy theories related to the Holocaust and more. AEW President Tony Khan pulled Kendrick from the bout.

Kendrick stated a decade ago that “the Holocaust is overblown and the Red Cross stated it was only 250,000 Jews who were killed and the number was blown up to justify the creation of Israel.”

In 2011, he said the 911 tragedy was a hologram and Osama Bin Laden’s killing was fraudulent. He also discussed his theories about the JFK assassination, the moon landing, big brother, ghosts, and many other conspiracies, which have been debunked.

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Kendrick apologized at the time via a statement and recently did again during an appearance on the "Duke Loves Rasslin" podcast this week.

"When it gets thrown back in your face, one -- it's embarrassing, but two -- you start to reflect, you're forced to reflect on it. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being so cold-hearted and trying to profit off of tragedy, I suppose is what it was. I was trying to gain off of others' tragedies by making conspiracy to create a buzz for myself to gain some sort of bookings."

"It was a terrible idea and even if it hadn't affected anybody, it's still just horribly embarrassing. I am sorry for anybody -- to people I hurt, for making light of stuff that happened to them or their family. I hope you accept that."

Kendrick later added that he understands he may never wrestle again due to his comments. He hasn't wrestled since 2020 as while in WWE, he transitioned from being a wrestler to a coach at the WWE Performance Center.

H/T to TMZ for the transcription