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Brian Knobbs: "Everything is catching up with body is all beaten up and broken I am Type 2 diabetic"



Brian Knobbs is the gust on this week's "Prime Time with Sean Mooney." Knobs talked about his wrestling career and he was very candid about his party lifestyle and how it is starting to catch up to him.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Knobbs talking about his health over the last year: “Everything is catching up with me. I turned 57 this year. My body is all beaten up and broken down. Saggs got hurt in ‘97, I think. I went on by myself. That 2 years in WCW Hardcore, going through tables, wrestling Fit Findlay, Bam Bam Bigelow, Hak, every night we were hitting ourselves with old tables from the building. That really took a toll on my body which I didn’t know at the time. Now, after all these years, I’m beat up. I can honestly tell you, 35 years in the business, it has taken a toll. Now I am Type 2 diabetic. My foot got infected. It went up to my knee and they had to do an operation on my foot. They gave me a new knee because my knee was totally infected. It was hell. I was in the hospital for three weeks and then rehab for four weeks. I want to thank people who contributed to my Go Fund Me.”

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Knobbs on how the Nasty Boys got into WWF: “The Halloween Havoc match against the Steiners is the match that got us in WWE. Hogan said Vince wants to call you. Vince called us and said how much are they paying you? We told them. He said I don’t give guaranteed contracts, but I think you will make double or three times the money you are. He wasn’t lying. We did, but it was a grind, 295 days a year. You are going and we were with all the craziest people in the business. You can’t be that way anymore. You're talking about Roddy Piper. You're talking about Ric Flair. You're not only talking about the matches. You have to think about some of the people that were there. It was a tight knit fraternity. We learned from the best and we partied with the best.”

Knobbs talking about partying taking a toll on him: “It took a toll on me. I quit drinking for a while. Now I’m drinking beer again. Now I’m trying to quit again. I have to watch, health wise. I’m not a young man anymore. That damage takes its toll on everything. You smarten up after you hit your 50 mark. I should have smartened up before then, but it's in your blood and sometimes you don’t think. I have no regrets, but I had to stop.”

Knobbs talked about some of his friends in the business: “We were with them (Midnight Rockers) in the AWA and we wrestled them back then. By the time we got to Vince and we wrestled them, we were all good friends. Shawn used to be our roommate. Talk about crazy times in ‘87 and ‘88 in AWA. I don’t see him (Hulk Hogan) as much because I moved away. He is still doing his thing. When I saw him at Rocky’s (Johnson) funeral, he was telling me all the injuries he had, back surgeries, and he just got operated on again. We always have good conversations. And our manager, Jimmy Hart, is still the best manager ever. He still calls me to see how I’m doing and asks about my health. He was our first real manager and our favorite one we had in our career. Curt Hennig was our mentor and took us under his wing. He is one I miss. He was always happy. Hacksaw (Jim Duggan) is still good friends with us. Out of everybody, I take my hat off to the Undertaker because he can still go. We all left WCW, myself and Saggs all came at the same time, November of ‘90. That’s when Vince gave him the gimmick and we went on from there. He is still there doing it. I have to take my hat off to him and I take my hat off to Chris Jericho. He is still out there doing it.”

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