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Brian Knobs still hospitalized, very concerned for his future



According to an update on Brian Knobs Facebook page, the former WWE Tag Team Champion is still in the hospital but things are not progressing as he had hoped.

It was noted on his Facebook account that while he is doing his best to keep a positive outlook, he is concerned about his future. His friends are asking fans to pray for him to make a full recovery.

The full post on Knobs Facebook reads as follows:

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"Hello everyone,

Our good friend Brian Knobbs continues to be overwhelmed with the amount of love and support he has received from all of us. I have been waiting and hoping for Brian's health to improve before sending out this update, but unfortunately his struggle for recovery continues. He has received over 10 blood transfusions, and complications from his iron deficiency have prevented the doctors from conducting the exams and testing on his vital organs to determine the underlying cause of his illness. Brian is very concerned about his future, and doing his best to keep a positive outlook. He's been advised to keep his stress levels low, so the emotional and financial help he's been receiving from us through the GoFundMe page has been a huge blessing in that regard. Despite the medical complications, the fighter spirit in Brian will never allow him to lose hope. Please pray for Brian's health and strength to return in a full recovery."

Knobs' GoFundMe can be found at this link.