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Brian Myers and Karl Anderson shoot on Paul Heyman: "I saw no genius whatsoever"



Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Rocky Romero welcomed Matt Cardona and Bryan Myers as their guests on the latest "Talk'n Shop" podcast.

They were on the show to talk about a bunch of things, including their toy collection and broski arguments. During the Patreon version of the podcast, Myers discussed his exit from WWE and there was some talk about ECW and Paul Heyman in the late 90s. Anderson was not an ECW fan but he was able to watch a couple of their pay-per-view events.

Anderson said, "I got the pay-per-view and I realized I didn't know anybody. My first television was TNN and I just didn't get it so I didn't see it enough."

Myers noted that the TNN version of ECW was a little watered down and it wasn't in it's purest form.

Anderson continued, "I definitely don't like ECW and I don't think its genius now because I can't stand Paul Heyman."

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Myers told Anderson that the ECW on the WWE Network is not the same because the music is dubbed in. Myers said about Heyman, "the genius is he had his finger on the pulse in the late 90s but not now, no because I saw no genius whatsoever. I was just explaining this to somebody. I was like, 'I know you guys all love to praise him for what he did then and I'm sure that's real and I did see him pull star quality and performances and things out of people that you wouldn't have thought but man, I saw zero brilliance in 2019."

Anderson said, "maybe to be the devil's advocate, maybe because he had somebody above him not allowing him to be completely him and trust me I don't want to stick up for him. But just saying maybe he wasn't able to go as far as he wanted to go, maybe that was what was holding him back...I absolutely think he wasn't a genius but he's a good promo guy now."

Myers added, "I can also see and very easily understand how he motivated certain talents to do the things they did by talking them up."

Anderson said, "he's the greatest promo guy of all time and to your face as well. He would tell me I was a top guy. I would go, 'hold on, I know I am but you don't think I am and neither does he or he or he. I think I am but I know that I'm not in this environment.'"

Myers joked that it was great to see Abyss backstage because he was always so positive and would tell everyone that they did a great job.

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