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Brian Myers says he was shocked that WWE released him, why he was happy when he was released in 2014

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Rocky Romero welcomed Matt Cardona and Bryan Myers as their guests on the latest "Talk'n Shop" podcast.

They were on the show to talk about a bunch of things, including their toy collection and broski arguments. During the Patreon version of the podcast, Myers discussed his exit from WWE.

"When this happened, I was f**king shocked, right [and] blown away. I had just signed a 5-year deal, I had been a producer and things like that." He continued, "That firing shocked me, I was like 'holy sh*t.' Very surprised. Especially like the day before in our group chat we were all talking like, 'they'd never fire us, it would look so bad.'"

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Anderson said the same thing about being surprised that he and others were fired during the pandemic.

Myers continued, "I had no problem saying, it was shocking to me, I was shocked. The first [firing in 2014] I was so f**king happy, I'm literally like unreal excited. What happened was I blew out my knee in 2012 and my partner Tyler Reks quit all within like the same week, it was insane. And they never consistently booked me again so for almost 2 years. Think about this, I wouldn't go to TV but they would just randomly make me do something insane. That's how my school got started because I was literally doing nothing. I was just too bored and I wanted to have a ring to be in ring shape. When they finally let me go [in 2014], I thought [Mark] Carrano was calling me to go to the PC or something and I didn't want to do it [but] he fired me. I was like 'oh yes!' I literally did a fist pump on the phone."

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