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Brian Pillman and Jake Roberts among topics planned for season three of Vice’s “Dark Side of the Ring”

Brian Pillman

Although Vice has yet to announce the third season of “Dark Side of the Ring,” interviews are being conducted for topics that will be featured for future episodes. confirmed on Monday that interviews were done for planned episodes on the late Grizzly Smith and his children, Jake Roberts, Rockin' Robin, and Sam Houston.

Eric Bischoff noted on the most recent 83 Weeks podcast that there will be episodes on the late Brian Pillman and the WCW-New Japan event in North Korea as he was interviewed regarding those topics. We’ll have a full recap of that podcast on the site shortly.

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After working in ECW and WCW, Pillman signed with WWE. Unfortunately, he tragically passed away at the age of 35 in 1997.

The second season of “Dark Side of the Ring” premiered this past March and is available along with the first season on Hulu.

The second season covered Chris Benoit and the double murder-suicide in addition to the murder of Dino Bravo; the “Brawl for All” tournament, the career of ECW star New Jack, the death of Nancy Argentino, Jimmy Snuka’s girlfriend; the story of tag team wrestling legends Hawk and Animal; Herb Abrams’ attempt to build a wrestling empire; and the story of Owen Hart’s death.