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Brian Pillman Jr says he has reached out to Steve Austin about being the coach of AEW's Varsity Blonds



The Varsity Blonds, Brian Pillman and Griff Garrison, were interviewed on AEW Unrestricted with Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone.

They talked about working with FTR, Colt Cabana and Lance Archer. They also talked about how Tony Khan came up with their name and the events that led up to them being paired as a tag team.

Pillman talked about being trained by Lance Storm and Rip Rogers, hosting freestyle rap battles in high school, what his plan B and C are, hair care tips, and much more.

Here are some highlights:

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Pillman was asked if there is pressure on him because of how his dad was revered in the business:

“Absolutely. I think I’ve had that pressure since the first day. I’ve always been looked at a little bit differently and people in training, even in the first week of training, people sort of treated me differently or spoke to me a little bit differently. I think the pressure wears off the more comfortable I get. With the amount of traveling and things I’ve done prior to the pandemic and prior to coming to AEW, I learned a lot on the road about myself. Those long drives, you’re cutting promos and you’re finding out who you are in your character and how I can tribute to my father while also staying true to myself is something that I’ve looked inwards at a lot. I think the more experience I get, the less pressure I have.”

Pillman was asked if he heard from Steve Austin regarding his gimmick:

“I’ve attempted to reach out to Steve a couple of times. I haven’t heard back yet. My ultimate ploy is that he would be our coach. He would come out of the curtain in a tracksuit and a whistle. He’s making us do drills before the match like a Drill Sergeant. We would always be ready. We would always be warmed up. We would have a mean angry coach to rile us up and then we wouldn’t fail because we would know that if we lost the match, we were going to get reamed at. I think he would be a good motivator for us and he would help us get our act together.”

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