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Brie Bella explains why Eva Marie is getting heat for training with Brian Kendrick in LA

Brie Bella was recently interviewed by Digital Spy last week promote the current season of Total Divas on the E! Network. Here are the highlights.

On which NXT Divas she’d like to see on Team Bella:

“Yeah, I would love to have Natalya because she was trained in the [Hart] Dungeon, so someone like her would be great. Obviously if I can go down to NXT and pick a couple of girls, like maybe Charlotte or Sasha Banks, yes, I could make quite a great army!”

On Eva Marie getting heat for training with Brian Kendrick in L.A. instead of the Performance Center:

“That’s why everyone got angry. For the E! audience it’ll be a little difficult for them to understand, but the WWE audience will completely understand. When our company built something so beautiful, so immaculate and you don’t want to train there with girls who are incredible in the ring, it makes no sense. It’s like, wait a second, you’d be more than blessed to be down there and you say no? It sounds crazy. It’s like someone giving you a million dollars and going, ‘No, you can keep it, that’s okay’.

“What it is too is you have your girls up on the main roster who are on the road about 300 days a year, because we do a lot of filming on off-days with Total Divas – we’re barely making it home, we’re exhausted. You see someone like that who just wants to be in LA so she can sleep in her bed every night, enjoy her husband and we’re all looking at her like, we would have loved that too! But when you have a passion for this business you’re willing to sacrifice everything – and that’s what we all did. When you see someone else who won’t sacrifice anything, claws start coming out, things are going to be said. But I guess that’s why Total Divas is a great show to tune into, because none of us Divas hold back. We all have very strong personalities, we have very big opinions, and you’re going to see that this season.”

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