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Brie Bella on Lana possibly joining the cast of Total Divas and WWE’s road schedule

Brie Bella recently spoke with Crave Online to promote the current season of Total Divas on the E! Network. Here are the highlights.

Let’s switch back up to Total Divas. You have some new blood with Amanda on the show but since you’re feuding with Lana on the main roster, how would you feel if she got cast for the show?

I think Lana would be great because she’s engaged to Rusev, she’s a main roster girl and seeing girls work hard on the main roster is amazing to me because everything you go through. Seeing her backstory with all of that would be really neat. Now that her and I are in a feud on Raw and SmackDown, it would be neat for fans to see the backstage of it all from her side. I think people would really love to see that Russian background yet she lives in Nashville, it’s all kinds of crazy. Oh, and she’s a break-dancer. I don’t know if many people know that. She was a professional dancer. She was backup dancing for Pink. When you see her dance, your jaw drops because it doesn’t look right cause it’s Lana. That’s very good breakdancing but that’s Lana so it just freaks you out.

You’re on the road a lot so what is your routine in terms of exercising? I imagine that can be rather difficult to do when living out of a suitcase.

I love Barre and I love yoga. When I’m on the road, I always look for a Barre especially now that Pure Barre is all over the place. That has been really nice. I’ll go to Pure Barre or Yoga Spot before I go to TVs on Monday and Tuesday and then Wednesday, I try to do something that’s more relaxing whether it’s swimming or walking or jumping on the elliptical for 30 minutes to an hour. Then I try to go harder during the week. Also, we will go on the road Friday, Saturday and Sunday so those days I’ll usually go to a gym and just lock myself up for two hours and really hit it hard. By doing that, I don’t feel so guilty when I take off a couple of days a week or can’t find a place before TV.

You can read the entire interview here.


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