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Britt McHenry sues ex-WWE star Tyrus (Brodus Clay) and FOX News over sexual harassment

UPDATE: FOX News issued a new statement to us regarding McHenry’s lawsuit. Their full statement can be seen below.

Statement from FOX News

“Ms. McHenry’s lawsuit recycles the same allegations she filed with the New York State Division of Human Rights in October, to which we filed a response on Friday. As we have previously stated, Ms. McHenry’s allegations have been fully investigated and we are confident our actions will be deemed entirely appropriate in litigation. We expect all of her claims to be dismissed.” – FOX News

ORIGINAL: Britt McHenry has filed a lawsuit against Fox News and Tyrus and she claims the network is a “sanctuary for sexual harassers.” Wrestling fans may remember Tyrus from his run in WWE as Brodus Clay. He later wrestled for Impact Wrestling and commercials for his “Un-PC” show regularly air during SmackDown on Friday nights.

According to TMZ, McHenry’s lawsuit claims the only “zero tolerance” the network has demonstrated has been towards her and she says the network has refused to investigate some of her claims and she says the network has shut her out of company events and they have refused to allow her as a guest on other Fox News shows.

Her claim is that this is all in retaliation for her outing Tyrus for alleged crude text messages she says were sent to her in 2018. She says one of the messages included threats of a d**k pic and comments about her butt and legs.

McHenry says she complained to management but instead of taking action against Tyrus, he was given his own show and he was never disciplined for his actions. In the lawsuit, she says Tyrus was never disciplined because he showed investigators photos and texts of her cleavage and nearly bare breast and he made it seem as if they were both flirting with each other. She claims the photos and texts were doctored and not really her.

We first reported about the allegations in July. According to McHenry, one of the text messages from Tyrus to McHenry said, “Just pull your boobs out now why don’t you. Just grin and bare it.” Another one allegedly said, “keep being negative and I’ll send you another d*ck pic.”

Here is the statement sent to us in July by FOX News:

“As we have previously said, this matter was immediately and thoroughly investigated by an outside law firm that was charged with providing us with independent factual findings and recommendations for action based on all of the evidence. We have consistently done this in other employee matters of this nature. All protocols were followed and the recommendations we received were appropriate and promptly implemented. We respect the confidentiality of our employees and their involvement in any HR process and therefore will not comment on the results of the investigation.”

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