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Brock Lesnar-AEW rumor killer

Over the last 12 hours, a rumor has been circulating regarding Brock Lesnar possibly going to AEW.

The story originated on the Wrestling Observer Forum and the claim is that Lesnar has signed a deal with a non-WWE company. That sparked speculation that Lesnar could be on his way to AEW. Dave Meltzer quickly shot down the speculation and said that there are no talks between Lesnar and AEW and there have never been any serious talks between both sides.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez backed up Meltzer’s statement on the Lesnar-AEW rumor.

Alvarez said the following during a conversation about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan: “Who is not signed and in is Brock Lesnar. There is nothing going on right now with Brock Lesnar. Zilch. That does not mean that at some point something couldn’t happen with Brock Lesnar but if you’ve seen the rumors on the internet from many sides, Brock Lesnar is not going to AEW right now.”

There was talk a few months back about Lesnar returning for SummerSlam but at this point, it looks like he won’t be on the show and there’s no word on when he might return to WWE.

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