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Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman headed to Raw, Lesnar added to live events



Tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw will take place in Houston, Texas. The social reaction seems to be higher than typical pay-per-views so that could be good news for the viewership for tonight's Raw.

As of now, nothing has been announced for the show but Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are scheduled to be there. Presumably, this will be the start of the build for Lesnar's match at SummerSlam.

Here is what WWE is teasing for tonight's show:

* Does Reigns deserve a Universal Championship Match?

* It could be the Summer of The Beast

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After tonight's show, Lesnar is not advertised for Raw until July 31st.

He is advertised for the following shows:

July 29 - WWE live event at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit
July 31 - Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh
August 12 - WWE live event in Tampa
August 14 - Monday Night Raw in Boston
August 20 - SummerSlam in Brooklyn
August 28 - Monday Night Raw in Memphis