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Brock Lesnar as a babyface this Sunday? Details on how serious he was about UFC

Dave Meltzer did a breaking news audio update on the Wrestling Observer website to talk about Brock Lesnar signing a new deal with WWE. Brock said on ESPN SportsCenter that Vince McMahon made him an offer that he couldn't refuse so that is part of the reason why he signed to stay with the company.

Apparently, Lesnar was seriously considering going back to UFC and it was not just something being said for leverage. Lesnar was training as late as two days ago. Friends of Lesnar did not want him to go back to MMA and his wife also did not want him to fight again but there was still a part of Lesnar that still wanted to compete in real sports.

As noted earlier, this closes out his MMA career but his WWE deal opens the possibility for new feuds, the possibility of a feud with The Rock for WrestleMania 32, and WWE can have him win on Sunday if they feel it's the best thing going forward. Obviously Lesnar will be a big-time babyface on Sunday in the eyes of the fans and I'm sure WWE knows that so perhaps they can do a double turn on Sunday with Lesnar turning face and Reigns turning heel. There seemed to be a subtle tease of friction with Paul Heyman earlier this year when there was talk of Heyman turning on Brock to side with Seth Rollins and Brock did a subtle tease on Monday's Raw with his facial reactions during Paul Heyman's promo.

We'll see what happens but WrestleMania has gotten much more interesting.

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