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Brock Lesnar believes he brings credibility to WWE

WWE star Brock Lesnar appeared on ESPN’s Mike and Mike radio show to promote SummerSlam. Here are the highlights.

On whether Vince McMahon welcomed him back:

"Absolutely, it was good. It was really good. We see eye to eye a little better now. Our relationship I think is better than it has been."

I left the company and basically made my own brand, made Brock Lesnar and went to the UFC. I just didn't come in there lightly. I rocked the cage and won a championship. And leaving there, there's a lot of credibility to that, and it brings a lot of credibility to WWE."

On being a heel:

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"It comes very natural to me. Now they're digging it. When I first came back, they weren't digging it. Now I'm getting cheered out of the building."

On whether UFC 100 or WrestleMania is bigger:

"Honestly, last night at Raw in Minneapolis, Target Center, I had a great homecoming. I haven't been in front of my hometown crowd in a long time. It's been about ten years. It was a great experience. But UFC 100 or WrestleMania? WrestleMania, I mean last year we had 80,000 people. It's all electrifying, but when you're in competition in UFC, I wasn't able to absorb any of that ever because you're going out to hurt somebody. It's a whole other mindset. My years in UFC, I don't remember anything other than being a stone cold, barbarian killer."