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Brock Lesnar is getting a lot of praise for what he did for Drew McIntyre at WWE WrestleMania

Brock Lesnar has been getting a lot of praise for what he did at WrestleMania and one of the people giving him the most praise is WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that McIntyre has been publicly and privately praising Lesnar for the job he did in putting him over.

Earlier this week during an interview with Sports Illustrated, McIntyre told a story about Lesnar from a few years ago when McIntyre was part of the 3MB group. This was when McIntyre’s career was going nowhere and just before he was released by WWE.

McIntyre said that Lesnar was booked to destroy all three members of 3MB and then after the segment, Lesnar approached McIntyre and asked why he was being put in that situation.

McIntyre said, “He pulled me aside, and he straight-up asked me, `Why are you involved in this?’ He was so confused, but he saw something in me and believed in me. It’s pretty crazy, all these years later, I was the guy to take the title from him at WrestleMania.” “Brock is a man’s man. He won’t do business with you if he thinks you’re not doing the job you should be doing. Brock is a very private person, he doesn’t like people too much, but he’s all about respect. To have earned his respect means a lot.”

According to one person in WWE, Lesnar was great to work with during the WrestleMania tapings and he didn’t seem bothered by having to work inside the empty Performance Center. The source told me that Lesnar treated it as just another day at the office.

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