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Brock Lesnar just added to another Raw in 2017, Royal Rumble annoucement coming?



One of the biggest talking points currently in the WWE is who Brock Lesnar will face at the Royal Rumble. A few weeks ago, it was strongly believed to be Finn Balor. Then, plans changed. However, polls showed that Balor is the clear-cut favorite among the WWE Universe, so those plans to nix him may be reconsidered. This question may have some clearer answers based on a recent announcement made.

The Dunkin Donuts Center, which will host the Raw scheduled for December 19th, announced that Brock Lesnar will be making an appearance on the show.

For Raw, their next pay-per-view as a brand is not until Elimination Chamber on February 25, 2018. Therefore, most of the concentration will be geared towards Royal Rumble, scheduled for January 28, 2018. Since WWE is very intentional with Brock Lesnar appearances, this could be a strong indication that fans will know who WWE is grooming for him on the edition of Raw in Providence.

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