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Brock Lesnar may be the reason why a WWE star is being kept away from Monday Night Raw

As previously noted, Matt Riddle is on his way to Friday Night SmackDown and he could be appearing on the show as soon as this week because he filed something at the Performance Center this week.

The interesting part of all of this is that Riddle is someone who Paul Heyman likes so it would make sense to put him on the Raw roster. That is not happening and it may have to do with Riddle’s real-life heat with Brock Lesnar.

This was discussed today by Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live.

Alvarez said, “The strange thing about this is that Paul Heyman is a big fan of Matt Riddle so you’d think he’s going to RAW, but this Matt Riddle/ Lesnar deal — I mean it’s weird like I’m sure there are aspects of it who are people that are just encouraging Matt Riddle to do what Matt Riddle does, but on the other side this, if anything else should tell you that this is legit because if they were trying to work together to build something up for a match I mean Matt Riddle goes to RAW.”

“Lesnar’s not around it’s not like he can say I’m not gonna share a locker room with him. Lesnar probably won’t be around until they’re running shows with fans again.”

Alvarez said he is convinced that Lesnar is the reason why Riddle is not being moved to Raw. Dave Meltzer discussed this yesterday on Wrestling Observer Radio and echoed what Alvarez said regarding Lesnar disliking Riddle.

The brand-to-brand invitational will allow some leeway to have Riddle appear on Raw for a few shows this year but it looks like he will be nowhere near that show whenever Lesnar is booked. Lesnar usually returns around WrestleMania and SummerSlam season so we could see him sometime in July.

As seen in the video below from earlier this year, WWE was not discouraging Riddle from talking about Lesnar but Riddle recently noted that a match with Lesnar seems to be off the table.

Thanks to Ringside News for the quote.


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