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Brock Lesnar might not wrestle again for a while

Brock Lesnar is still Universal Champion and he’s been pretty absent so far but that’s nothing really new for him.

With Lesnar’s latest contract extension having so many questions left unanswered it’s unclear exactly when he will actually come back to WWE for another match to defend Raw’s top title.

“He’s not on Money In The Bank so my guess is when they first announced that he had re-signed a deal I did have someone tell me that they believed he was going to be there through SummerSlam,” Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live.

“So all we know is that it’s a short-term deal. I presume he’s going to drop the title at SummerSlam I don’t know what. It could happen I guess in July. But he’s not at Money In The Bank so it’ll either be the July pay-per-view or SummerSlam and if you got Brock Lesnar and you’re paying him big money it’ll probably end up being SummerSlam.”

If WWE is shelling out the kind of big money that Brock Lesnar requires then it might be best for them not to waste booking him for a massive show. SummerSlam will have more eyeballs on it, but then again any show with Brock Lesnar is probably going to garner more attention as well.

But with WWE and Brock Lesnar’s current contract in consideration, you never know what could happen or how long WWE really has the Beast Incarnate signed for at this point. After all, all we know is that it is a “short-term deal” which could have several definitions. But I think the first real clue that WWE is saying goodbye to Lesnar is if he rejoins the USADA testing pool but that has yet to take place yet.

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