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Brock Lesnar officially announced for the WWE Royal Rumble



If you missed this week's episode of Monday Night Raw then you missed a great sit-down interview with Paul Heyman talking about Brock Lesnar's loss to Bill Goldberg at Survivor Series. Heyman was teary-eyed and looked like he hadn't shaved in a few days as he told Michael Cole that he and Lesnar had messed up because they took Goldberg lightly.

Heyman said that he was scared to find out what will happen because Lesnar now has something to prove. He then proclaimed what many of us knew last week but it's now official - that Brock Lesnar will also enter the Royal Rumble.

The 2017 edition of the Royal Rumble takes place on 1/29/17 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas and the show will air live on the WWE Network. The company hopes to draw 60,000 fans for that event.

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