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Brock Lesnar has apparently walked out of WWE. As it was noted earlier, Lesnar was scheduled for tonight's SmackDown in Boston but he walked out of the building and presumably, he's flying back home on his private jet.

Bryan Alvarez added that Lesnar said something along the lines of "If he's gone, I'm gone."

While many wrestlers have not dealt directly with Vince McMahon on issues related to pay and creative, Lesnar always dealt directly with McMahon and while they have had their issues, they have always worked things out and Lesnar has always had a great amount of respect for Vince.

If they can't work something out to get Lesnar back by next weekend, it means that they will have to come up with another plan for SummerSlam. Lesnar was scheduled to challenge Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the main event. 

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