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Brock Lesnar was supposed to make a big announcement on WWE Backstage



There was an announcement planned for Friday Night SmackDown but the plans changed and the announcement was never made. It was teased that Renee Young was going to announce a major guest for the "premiere" episode of WWE Backstage on Tuesday night but she never talked about it on the show.

On Sunday's Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that Brock Lesnar was not originally scheduled for SmackDown and his announcement that he was moving back to Raw was something that was originally supposed to happen on Tuesday night on Backstage.

This would explain why there was no announcement from Young. I would assume that her announcement was supposed to be that Lesnar would be her first guest on the premiere episode and that Lesnar would be making an announcement. Since things got shuffled around, Lesnar's move back to Raw was announced on Friday night.

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Apparently, Lesnar is the one guy who can do whatever he wants. Even though WWE said there would be no more switching back and forth between brands, Lesnar was somehow able to quit SmackDown and announce his return to Raw so he can get his hands on Rey Mysterio. Keep in mind that Mysterio appeared on SmackDown last week.

As you all know by now, Lesnar and Paul Heyman were not originally scheduled to appear on SmackDown but they were called to appear when WWE realized the issues in Saudi Arabia would prevent their talent from appearing.

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