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Brock Lesnar's next big feud teased during Paul Heyman's WWE Raw promo

Paul Heyman

Brock Lesnar's destruction of Mysterio and his son Dominik was done to plant the seeds for a big match between Lesnar and former UFC Champion Cain Velasquez.

As we wrote about on Monday (and first reported by MMAFighting's Dave Meltzer), WWE has been in talks with Cain Velasquez and they want to book him in a match with Lesnar. UFC fans will remember that Velasquez defeated Lesnar in 2010 to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Velasquez has not signed a deal with WWE and he has been in talks with other wrestling companies but the seeds were planted in case they are able to sign him. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the idea behind Lesnar's attacks on Mysterio and his son was that he beat up a Mexican legend and Velasquez would come in to get revenge on Lesnar.

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During a backstage promo on Monday Night Raw, Paul Heyman blamed Vince McMahon for "allowing" him to scheduled Lesnar on the Raw season premiere because Lesnar is in fight mode. Heyman talked about wannabe tough guys in and out of WWE, including the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Heyman said not one of them can do anything about what Lesnar did to Mysterio and his son.

There are some hurdles that need to be cleared if WWE wants to sign Velasquez. Although he was cleared to wrestle for AAA in Mexico, it appears that UFC's contract does not allow him to do anything physical for companies in the United States since he was not allowed to take bumps for Pro Wrestling Revolution over the weekend.

Furthermore, Velaquez plans on getting knee surgery before he makes a long-term commitment to a wrestling promotion. Several companies are interested in signing him including New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling. Last month, Velasquez talked about his visit to the Performance Center and also praised what AEW is doing and expressed interest in having more talks with them.

You can watch Heyman's promo from Raw below: