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Brock Lesnar's return boosts WWE Monday Night Raw viewership for 5/20/19

Brock Lesnar

The May 20th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw rebounded from near-record low ratings.

This week's strategy was to keep viewers tuned in by teasing that Brock Lesnar would cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase. They also made fans wait to see the unveiling of the new WWE 24/7 Championship. That strategy worked because the show drew 2,521,000 viewers.

The show started out with 2,681,000 viewers. They retained most of the viewers in the second hour and there was still a bigger drop in the third hour but overall the numbers were much better than recent weeks. It's also worth noting that WWE was up against the Warriors/Trail Blazers NBA Playoff game so they should be happy with this week's viewership.

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Here is the hourly breakdown:

Hour 1 - 2,681,000 viewers
Hour 2 - 2,583,000 viewers
Hour 3 - 2,299,000 viewers

For next week, WWE is hyping that Brock Lesnar will reveal when he will cash in his title and which title he will choose.