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Bronson Reed says WWE planned for him to be NXT North American Champion until the end of the year



Former WWE NXT star Bronson Reed/Jonah Rock was interviewed by Sportskeeda to talk about his WWE run and what is next for him in pro wrestling. Here are some highlights:

Jonah talking about the plans NXT had for him before he got released:

“The way that big companies, especially WWE work, is that some people get told what their future might hold and where the story might be going further down the track. I was given that by Hunter himself, and I worked closely with Shawn Michaels as well. I sort of tracked out that I was going to be North American Champion, be that strong North American Champion that defends his belt all the way to the end of the year, and then eventually face off with the NXT Champion. That was the story that was going to happen, but then obviously with WWE, things change on a week to week basis. I believe those things when they happen. Even when they told me I was becoming the North American Champion, I was like, ‘Ok, I’ll wait until it actually happens before I get happy.’ I didn’t expect to be released amongst all that.”

Jonah was asked what mindset was when he got released:

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“I think you take it one of two ways. Either it crushes you, and you say, ‘Maybe I need to reassess things’, or it motivates you to show them why they’re wrong, and that’s the sort of mindset that I had right away. I was a little upset, but I was more angry than anything because I didn’t see it coming. I always did what they asked of me. I was getting used really well, so I thought it was a wrong move by them.”

Jonah was asked if this closes the door between him and WWE:

“I don’t ever close any doors. I’m not a fan of the direction they are taking where they want to not proactively seek independent wrestlers, being an independent wrestler myself, having wrestled all across the world for 13 years before I actually got signed to WWE. I think that’s a wrong move on their part. For the time being, it’s not somewhere I would want to be. I watch the product, and it’s not something I actually would want to do. I still make sure to keep up with the product. I think sometimes things happen for a reason. Upon reflecting on being released, and seeing what road they are going down, maybe I wouldn’t have been the best fit there anyway. But, I’ll never say the door is closed because you never know how the business moves so quickly. In 6 months, that may all change, and they might have a different perspective or a different avenue they’re going down as well.”

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