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Bruce Hart Says WWE is Exploiting & Is Not Happy w/ Owen Hart DVD, Bulldogs Omission From HOF, Hulk Hogan’s Exile

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Today John and Chad welcome the great Bruce Hart to The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling. Bruce gets right into to it regarding his strong feelings on the recently announced WWE DVD project on his brother Owen. As a longtime veteran of the business and basically having it in his blood Bruce goes on to say what he feels the WWE needs to do to walk the fine line between broadcasting a great wrestling product and running a successful wrestling company. Bruce also discusses at great length how he feels the WWE Hall of Fame lacks credibility and that if they are indeed clamoring for a strong fan response that they pay homage to the true history of the wrestling business. In what can only be described as extremely candid, this is one show that definitely does not disappoint. 


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Bruce Hart Questions WWE’s Motives with Owen Hart DVD:

The continued clamoring to have Owen Hart and The British Bulldogs inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame: 

The WWE can’t claim that they haven’t had it brought to their attention and that it hasn’t been mentioned to them. I suspect or suppose there is some perceptible rational in Owen’s situation. I think they are obviously apprehensive about the backlash from Owen’s widow, Martha. But as for Dynamite and Davey I have no idea why the hell they are not in the Hall of Fame. There are a lot of inconsistencies. I’ve spoken and maybe been outspoken in the past on some of the glaring inconsistencies in the WWE Hall of Fame. In recent years to have they have more then put themselves over and they have chosen to induct some non-WWE people. Some of these old guys like my Dad and Gorgeous George. If they are so inclined and choosing to do that why don’t they induct Lou Thesz or Strangler Lewis or Frank Gotch or some of these iconic legends and builders that were really of their era like Jim Thorpe or the Bronko Nagurski in a football parallel. Those guys are glaring by their omission in the Hall of Fame.

The upcoming Owen Hart DVD set finally being released:

The fact they are talking about doing a DVD or some damn thing, I would hope that if they do choose to do that, they choose to give the money to charity or give it to Owen’s wife and let her give it to charity. I always hate to sound like one of these em-bittered or some kind of outsider denouncing something because I may be not in it but that’s not really the case. I’ve seen a lot of injustices and things that don’t sit right with me and I think one of the problems with the wrestling business these days all too many people from the wrestling fraternity have this flickering unrealistic notion that I better not say anything detrimental or negative about anyone in Connecticut because it might jeopardize their job security. I suspect that 99% of those poor bastards would if given the time of day. For all intents and purposes I feel that WWE should be endeavoring to do what’s right for the wrestling fan-base.   

The timing of recent DVD sets coinciding with Hall of Fame inductions: 

It’s exploitative and materialistic and if that’s the case, I’ve suggested to them that several years ago and they gave me some kind of lame rational about Owen and being apprehensive about Martha. I said that it would be that much easier for you guys if you are going to induct Owen that you induct him in the same class in the triage of Davey and Dynamite. They are all kind of from the same, Stampede Wrestling, Owen and Davey were a tag team , quite often Davey was a part of the Hart Foundation like when they did that thing in 97. It would be that much easier if you inducted them all together and then you have less backlash from Martha if you maybe just inducted Owen individually  and it looked like you have more grounds to bitch about it and claim you are exploiting Owen. They didn’t even dignify what I said with a response. 

The Hart Family relationship with WWE: 

If nothing else I am somewhat pleased that there is a little kind of bridge over troubled waters with the Harts and the WWE and I thought it was even a step in the right direction even taking into consideration when they chose to induct my Dad in the Hall of Fame. I thought it was belated and all too often I don’t want to digress into another tangent but it’s perplexing to me some of the people that are inducted into the Hall of Fame. The obvious question I ask is. What the hell took so long for example Randy Savage? Most people on the inside know there is a lot of political dynamics that are that obviously predicate these decisions. It still doesn’t reflect well on them and ultimately it comes across as petty and shows arterial  agendas.

Hulk Hogan being ex-communicated from The WWE Hall of Fame: 

I’m told now that Hulk Hogan is no longer in the Hall of Fame. I am not sure how that even works. Say OJ (Simpson) as far as I know the Hall of Fame in Canton has not rescinded his membership, maybe it has. But if they let OJ stay in the damn hall then poor old Hulk is ex-communicated for some ill-conceived comments. His actions were more of a live and let live with blacks and whites. Whenever I’ve been around Hulk he’s never been anything like a racist. But he’s purged or disowned. There are a lot of those types of things that ultimately don’t reflect well on the WWE.   

Bruce is also quite candid on the current state of WWE, what he like and doesn’t like about today’s crop of talent, his pitch for Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 26, appearing on WWE TV, The WWE Hall of Fame, Dynamite Kid as a worker, Booking the Stampede Territory in the 80s, Brian Pillman, Having a match with his Dad 

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