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Bruce Prichard describes Vince McMahon’s sleeping habits

There’s one overall consensus from the professional wrestling community – Vince McMahon works tirelessly to ensure his product is as successful as possible.

For the past several years those who have all worked with “The Chairman Of The Board” recognize that the 72-year-old is one of the hardest working men the business world has ever seen. One man who knows Vince McMahon as good as anyone is none other than Bruce Prichard, who worked alongside McMahon on WWE’s creative team for several years.

Prichard now hosts the most popular professional wrestling podcast in the world, Something To Wrestle, and tells some great behind-the-scenes stories from some of WWE’s biggest moments. Recently, Prichard made an appearance on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast.

During the show, Prichard shared some details on the sleeping habits of Vince McMahon. He noted that he might get in a few hours of sleep at night before waking up early in the morning to do a cardio workout. Prichard also said that McMahon takes sporadic 30-minute power naps as well:

“He’d probably get a couple of hours of sleep before he’d wake up to do cardio. He takes like 30 minute power naps every once in awhile. I’ve gotten alcohol poisoning two times in my life, both times with Vince McMahon. The first time drinking moon shine and the second time was just a crazy night and I remember Vince coming to me and going, ‘Brucie, what are those buses like?’

“Those were the early days of the rock n’ roll buses we had for the cameramen and the ring crew guys. Actually they’re pretty nice. McMahon said, ‘Get everybody off. We’ll take a nap in there.’ We would go and just 30 minutes. He would go nap.

“He goes out and when he wakes up he’s like, ‘Goddamn let’s go. Holy cow that was good! Good times, huh? You know what? I think I got an extra minute there. I think that made a difference.’”

H/T WrestleZone for the transcriptions


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