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Bruce Prichard names his Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling promoters



Bruce Prichard gave his own Mount Rushmore list, but with a twist as instead of naming wrestlers, he named promoters.

This is an opinionated question as people have different answers to the Mount Rushmore question of listing their top 4 all-time people.

During the latest episode of Something to Wrestle, Prichard named Vince McMahon, Vince McMahon Sr, Paul Boesch, and Dusty Rhodes.

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“Vince [McMahon] obviously, I think Vince is number one,” Prichard said. “I do have to put Boesch on there because Paul was a true promoter. You have to view it through the eyes of who was a promoter, who was a marketer, who was a booker. Paul was a promoter’s promoter. Vince McMahon Sr. was a promoter.”

Prichard stated that even though Dusty didn’t have the miker of a promoter, he did just that as a booker. Prichard got his start in the wrestling business under Boesch, who was a promoter in Houston. Boesch was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame as a part of the Legacy wing in 2021

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcript