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Bruce Prichard on if Freddie Prinze Junior received special treatment as a writer for WWE



Former WWE executive Bruce Prichard took to his podcast, Something To Wrestle, and reviewed Survivor Series 2008. During the show, Freddie Prinze Junior's tenure as a writer for WWE came up.

Prichard addressed Junior's run with WWE; discussing if he received special treatment from the office, what may have deterred him from continuing on with the company, and any ideas of his that made it to TV. Here are the highlights:

If Junior received special treatment:

"Freddie was in the office with us. Freddie was waiting six hours for those meetings with Vince. Freddie did not just fly in from California for TVs. He was there, he was in the trenches. He was in the office more than I was. So that’s just a complete skewed view of Freddie that’s just not true. He was there and he wanted to be a part of the creative process and made himself apart of it."

What may have deterred him from continuing on with the company:

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"Freddie had good ideas. I think part of the frustration on Freddie’s [part] was everyone else’s [frustration .] no matter how hard you work, and no matter how many ideas you come up with, and Vince on Thursday or Saturday is [saying]: “Woohoo! Great idea!”

"When it comes time to produce that segment on Monday or Tuesday, [Vince’s opinion] is: “That sucks!” and you’re in the same boat with everybody else. I think that’s what frustrated Freddie the most."

Any of his ideas that made it to TV:

"Remember Hade Vansen? OK, well it lasted two weeks. That was Freddie’s."

H/T WrestleZone for the transcriptions