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Bruce Prichard on if Triple H or Shawn Michaels buried CM Punk backstage



CM Punk had all the talent in the world and many said he was the greatest wrestler on planet earth. He lit up the indie circuit and came into WWE with some real supporters behind him, mainly Paul Heyman.

But CM Punk didn't seem to excel as much as some think he deserved. Some people have pointed a finger of blame at Triple H and Shawn Michaels for politically burying CM Punk backstage. Bruce Prichard recently spoke about his observations of people who tried to keep CM Punk down on a recent episode of Something To Wrestle With.

"I don't remember specific conversations with Shawn and Hunter" Bruce said. "I remember specific conversations in agent meetings and production meetings where I think people didn't think he looked like -- there was nothing special about him. 'I don't get all the tattoos and I don't know what he stands for and he's not as great as everybody says.' But those were meeting, production meetings where that came from agents, pretty much came from everybody."

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"I don't remember specifically Shawn and Hunter ever having a conversation with them telling me, 'hey he looks like the guy that cooked my waffles last night' but there definitely was a feeling among the agents and some of the production people that was: 'what's so special about him? I don't get it. He looks ratty. There's nothing special about him for me to tap into.'"

"I would kind of counter that to the point of, 'okay maybe the fact that he doesn't look like he comes off the pages of GQ. Maybe that's good.' I hate it when you can't tell the guy in the ring from your next door neighbor, but when the bell rings he could do other sh-t and he could stand out. But maybe the fact he might look like my next door neighbor or my next door neighbor's ratty teenage kid -- I don't know. There was something about him that was different."

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