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Bruce Prichard on WWE's attempt to buy AAA and why the deal ended up not happening

WrestlingNewsCo compilattion (WWE/AAA)

WrestlingNewsCo compilattion (WWE/AAA)

Bruce Prichard recently talked about WWE In Your House 12: It's Time on his "Something To Wrestle With" podcast.

It was around this time that WWE was trying to purchase the AAA promotion in Mexico. Konnan told the story several years ago on his MLW Radio show. He noted that it was then-President of Global Business Development Carl Demarco who approached the Roldan family about purchasing a controlling share of the company. Konnan says that he pushed Dorian Roldan not to take the offer because he knew that WWE could change things and get rid of people they don't like.

Konnan had a bad experience during his brief run as Max Moon in 1992 so he had a good reason to worry about what WWE might do if they gained control of the company.

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Prichard gave his side of the story on why WWE ended up not buying AAA:

“We were trying to buy AAA," Prichard said. "One day we need to do a whole AAA experience. This was after their heyday. When they were in their heyday with Konnan, Eddie (Guerrero), Art (Barr), La Parka and all those guys, the original AAA crew that they had, it was insane. But once you get into it, and once you get into their business, working with them was an absolute nightmare.”

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