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Bruce Prichard reveals Kevin Nash's nixed idea with The Undertaker at WWE In Your House 6



On the latest episode of "Something To Wrestle With" on, Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson covered WWE In Your House 6.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

Bruce Prichard addressed Bret Hart’s comments in the past stating that Bret didn’t like the booking from Survivor Series 1995 and WrestleMania 12:

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“First of all, I thought that it was a good story. You were using Bret to tell another story with Undertaker and Diesel. You were using Shawn (Michaels) over here and the idea was Bret was going away after WrestleMania 12. Not everybody knew that, but Bret was going away. We didn’t know how long Bret was going to go away. We didn’t know if it was going to be three months or six months or what it would be. So, on the way there, you needed to use Bret to tell these other stories. How much do you really want to invest to make Bret an unstoppable champion if he’s going away after the big show? You have to start building new people. I’ll defend the creative all day long because again, we had to build to what we knew that we were going to have after we were done with WrestleMania 12.”

Prichard gave his opinion of the Bret Hart vs Diesel Title Match at In Your House 6:

“I thought that the match was a good match. You go back and watch it and it’s a decent match. They were telling a story. When you get to that story at the end it was to get to the story of Undertaker now is going to keep this one from Diesel. That was the story of this match. The thing that we didn’t do that was actually Kevin Nash’s idea that I so badly wanted to do, and I actually remember going back to Vince and making a second pitch at it, is that once Undertaker pulls Diesel into the hole and got Diesel underneath in the hole, that when Diesel reappeared, that he had a gray streak in his hair. I thought, oh my God, that’s great. It was ruled that it would be too hokey.”

In Your House 6 featured Bret Hart vs. Diesel inside of a steel cage for the WWF Championship, Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid, Yokozuna vs. British Bulldog, Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart, and more. The entire podcast is available now at

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