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Bruce Prichard says Ahmed Johnson lost a backstage fight against D'Lo Brown, Ahmed backed off from a fight with The Rock



On a recent episode of "Something To Wrestle With," Bruce Prichard talked about the career of Ahmed Johnson. Johnson was pushed as a top guy for a very short period but his career was derailed by injuries and there was heat on him from various people in the locker room.

Prichard talked about two backstage incidents Johnson had with both D’Lo Brown and The Rock:

Prichard: “I remember hearing about the fight with D’Lo. That was one of those where I think D’Lo had enough of Ahmed backstage, just thinking that Ahmed was cutting promos on people, and D’Lo, being the youngest of the group, took it, and then took as much as he could take. I think people looked at D’Lo, you know, D’Lo used to be a CPA I believe, and he was looked at like, ‘Oh, you’re a CPA’ or whatever. D’Lo is a double tough son of a b*tch. D’Lo got to the point where he was done and was like, ‘If you want to go, let’s go’, and I think Ahmed regretted it.

Conrad Thompson asked: Are you saying D’Lo won the fight?

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Prichard: “That’s what I’ve heard. I wasn’t there, but from people that were there, that’s what I heard. I was there when Rock backed him down.”

Conrad: “Wait. Tell me the Rock story. I don't know this.”

Prichard: ‘With Rock, it was the same kind of thing. It was in the dressing room. Ahmed was complaining about something, and Rock just kind of, basically, ‘If you want to go, let’s go.’ Ahmed backed down and nobody was stopping anybody in that one. I was there in the dressing room for that. Again, it’s a lot of that much ado about nothing, but, yea, so when you hear the D’Lo thing you say, ‘Yeah, I can see that. D’Lo is a tough son of a b*tch...The Rock is up there in the top 5 guys you would never want to mess with.”

There is a lot more on Ahmed Johnson in episode 274. Click below to hear the entire show.

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