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Photo Credit: Britney Spears. Photo: Image Group LA/Walt Disney Television via Getty

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Bruce Prichard says WWE hoped to get Britney Spears involved when Kevin Federline pinned John Cena on Raw

This week on “Something To Wrestle With” on, Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson covered the January 1, 2007 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. That show was headlined by John Cena vs. Kevin Federline, who was married to Britney Spears at the time.

Federline has a bad reputation in the media but Prichard says he was great to work with when he was brought in for a match against Cena. He also noted that some in the company hoped that Federline’s appearance would lead to Spears appearing on WWE TV.

Prichard said, “K-Fed obviously was looking for any kind of promotion that he could get in a positive light and we are always looking for any kind of interaction that we can get with people that are popular at the time. K-Fed fit both of those. Britney (Spears) was never discussed. Britney was not discussed up front. I think there was a general feeling amongst those in creative that if we are good with Kevin and he likes it and it does positive things for him, then this is a great opportunity for maybe Britney to show up at an event. Down the line maybe get Britney involved in something.

There was that half that said maybe we can get Britney at some point along the way, even if it was a quick appearance on television. But K-Fed, I mean, man, everybody rolled their eyes at it. Everybody was like, oh f**k, what are we going to do with this guy? This guy walks in with an entourage with three guys. He has his own dressing room, but he wants to hang out in the hallway. He wants to hang out and go to catering. He has his spread in the dressing room and is in awe of everything around him, just absolute awe. He couldn’t have been more respectful, he couldn’t have been nicer, and cooperative. It was ‘Whatever you guys want to do, I’m up for it. You name it, I’m in. Just tell me what you want to do.’

He would just stare like holy s**t, not believing where he was. I dare say intimated by his surroundings. John Cena is a pro. I think John saw the exact same thing that everybody else saw and this was going to get publicity. This would get people talking about things. Then when he met Kevin, he thought, ok, this guy’s alright. Kevin Federline, and I don’t for the life of me, I don’t get how this guy got such a bad reputation even beforehand because when you meet him and you work with him and you’re around him for more than 10 minutes, he is a very charming guy. He is a genuinely nice guy. I think, but he is not pretentious. He isn’t like ‘I’m a big star. Do you know who my wife is?’ None of that stuff. He was basically a guy living the dream and happy to do it. He was willing to  listen and just was so thankful to be accepted into this other world.”

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