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Brutus Beefcake launches GoFundMe for knee surgery, ex-wife says he has money and can afford it



Former WWE Superstar Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake is asking fans for help. He has set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for his knee surgery.

The campaign page reads:

"Hey everyone thanks for taking a look at my Go Fund Me page. A lot of you know me as WWE Legend Brutus “the barber” Beefcake and after a long Wrestling career I retired from the ring and have been living in Florida for the past few years. I’m still out visiting fans at ComicCONs & other places and I love coming out to see everyone! A few months ago I took a tumble and twisted my knee and I’ve been in some pain. Finally went to my doctor and had an MRI TODAY then back to the Dr with the disc! A lot of running around or hobbling around. Thank God for my wife Missy who took initiative to get me to the Doctor because I do need surgery! This is where I need help! I have no insurance to cover the day surgery which is roughly 12k. That’s a lot of money for anyone including a retired wrestler like me.The surgery is happening quickly before June 1st so I’m hoping to raise enough money to cover all or half needed to get this knee done and be out of pain!Thank you for anything you are able to give and I’ll keep you posted via social media how the fund is coming along and shoot a video or two of my surgery and progress!God Bless and keep Struttin and Cuttin!"

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However, ex-wife Barbie Clayton Leslie gave her thoughts on the fundraiser in the comments section:

"Lol this is pretty funny considering 1, you could afford or are covered for an mri ,2 you collect SSD which automatically covers you with Medicaid which also covers orthopedic surgery!! So people save your money he’s doing just fine buy a book that’s good enough! :)"