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Brutus Beefcake posts email screenshot, says Hogan has been hanging out with his ex-wife


On Friday afternoon, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake talked about a new book that he is writing and hinted that it could include some dirt on Hulk Hogan. The feud continued on social media on Friday night and it seems like there is very little chance for them to work things out. Based on recent tweets, it looks like Hogan is ready to move on from everything after hinting earlier that he his lawyers would get involved but Beefcake is proceeding with the book. He also posted a screenshot of an email and apparently from his ex wife where she talks about hanging out with Hogan.

Check out the tweets below:

Beefcake referenced our prior post on this story:

In response to Hogan's claim that Beefcake sold photos of him without his knowledge:

I should note that Hogan issued a correction on the signed pictures tweets, I think. Here are Hogan's tweets from 2005:

Ok, back to Friday night's tweets...Beefcake said that it was Hogan's choice for them not to be on good terms:

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Beefcake said that the book will be available everywhere, including the United Kingdom. In response to a fan saying that Beefcake's book is out to trash Hogan, he said:

Beefcake is apparently blocked on Twitter:

Here is the email screenshot. Apparently, this was sent by Beefcake's ex to his current wife.

Seriously, it would be nice if these guys could squash this and become friends again. It's a shame to see a friendship that dates back to the 70's deteoriate this way.

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