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Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake is confident that he’ll be inducted into the WWE HOF


Former WWE and WCW star Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake appeared on Interactive Wrestling Radio recently. Here are the highlights.

On a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction:

"I'm confident it will happen. I am in various Hall of Fames around the world. It is always nice to be appreciated for my accomplishments. As for the WWE Hall of Fame? I'm confident it will happen... In fact, sooner rather than later. I don't want to give anything away, but I think there are some things in the works."

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On if Hulk Hogan can emerge from his most recent scandal:

"Absolutely! I don't know about unscathed, but Hulk is a survivor.. He is an innovator! He is the leader of the pack! He was miles... Lets just f***ing tell the truth, he was light-years ahead of people! He took Vince McMahon's company from below the ground floor at the Lincoln Hotel in Boston where they were all having dinner to Olar, the planet from the Avengers movie. They say one good deed can't off-set one bad deed. But, one million? A zillion good deeds? He's a guy I've known all my life. Everybody makes mistakes. The Lord says forgive and forget. Turn the other cheek. Move on! Forgiveness! To forgive is divine. People need to understand he's not perfect. He's had tough times in his lifetime... He's human too. Everyone thought he was super-human. Well, Hulk Hogan was human for a minute and did some stupid stuff... Nothing we all haven't done. If you haven't done anything wrong, here's a stone. I don't know who else is going to have a stone!"

You can download the full show at this link.