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Bryan Alvarez hates the Repo Man, Simon Miller steps in to defend his honor

If you were a fan of early 90s WWF then you know how great the Repo Man was. He wasn’t a main eventer but he was a fun part of the Saturday morning Superstars show that aired in syndication.

However, one person has made it clear that he is not a fan of the character that was portrayed by Barry Darsow. During the latest Bryan and Vinny Show on, Producer Rob filled in for Vinny and Alvarez was offended at Rob’s praise for Repo Man.

“Let me tell you how you can get fired, Rob. If you ever f**king tell me that anybody is worse than the Repo Man again, you will be unemployed,” Alvarez jokingly said. Alvarez said this after Producer Rob said Skinner was worse than Repo Man.

Alvarez continued, “Skinner ain’t worse than the f**king Repo Man. Nobody is worse than the Repo Man!”

Wrestler/journalist Simon Miller does not agree with Alvarez and he plans on doing something about it.

Miller wrote:

“Dear @bryanalvarez,
As big as a fan I am of your work, and while your Repo Man rant made me laugh out loud, I feel I must defend his honour.
So I hereby challenge you to a ‘Righteous Repo Man’ Match at an underdetermined point in the future.
Thanks for all you do.

Alvarez seems to be considering the offer and he got a tempting offer from Wale to be the special referee:

Listen to Alvarez’s rant on the Repo Man in the video below:

Alvarez is a good dude but he has it coming to him for besmirching the good name of a legendary WWE character.

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