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Bryan Danielson on why he liked working with WWE's writers, why he wants to team with Jon Moxley

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW star Bryan Danielson joined David and Kaz on The Masked Man Show to talk about moving on from the "YES" catchphrase, his mission with Jon Moxley, Jade Cargill, what he's learned from Vince McMahon and Tony Khan and more.

Danielson was asked what his mission is if he teamed up with Jon Moxley:

“The idea would be, because I just talked about The Young Bucks and their style of wrestling, and a lot of the older generation not getting it. Part of the idea is to be in that older generation, being a guy that says, ‘Hey, there’s too much fooling around here. Cut out the crap. Mox, you and me, we’re going to show these kids what wrestling is all about.’”

“You take somebody like Mox, who in my mind, you think of, ok, if you take the best brawler in the world, then you take the best technical wrestler in the world, you put them together and teach these kids violence as opposed to comedy, and all the different stories that can come out of that. Like, ‘Hey, I don’t like your style of wrestling.’ The idea of saying , “2point0, you’re not good mentors to Daniel Garcia’, even though they have a lot of experience and they’re very good. That gives them some sort of thing to fight against from a character perspective. Same thing with Matt Sydal who’s been all over the world. I really like it, and I think it’s a good avenue for storytelling with the idea of mentorship. I think it works really well in Japan.”

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“The idea of teaming with Moxley is just an idea of like, ok, if you were to ask me, ‘Who would I want to help me train the next generation of wrestlers?’ I don’t think people would instinctively think Moxley, but in my head, he and I have slightly different takes on wrestling, but they’re complementary takes on wrestling. Him and me teaching the new generation of wrestlers what this is really about is an interesting philosophical idea to me.”

Bryan said he enjoyed working with writers:

“In a weird way, I enjoy the concept of limitations. Some people like the idea of, for example, we don’t have writers per say in AEW. I enjoyed working with the writers. Not only was I part of the creative team with WWE, but when I had a promo, the writer and I would work together. It was a partnership and a collaboration. I’ve always enjoyed collaboration more so than just, here’s my thing.’”

“I think initially in wrestling, because I was very shy, I stuck to myself and just did whatever my idea was that was in my head. But now as I get older, one of the things I find the most fun about wrestling is the collaborative aspect of it, whether it be your opponent that you’re wrestling against, or it’s, ok, I have this interview segment. When I was the planet’s champion, my writer was Robert, and he and I worked together so well. He would present me with, ‘Hey, this is kind of what the promo is.’ Then I would be like, ‘What if we do this?’ We bounced ideas off each other really well. I find when you work really well with somebody in collaboration, to me, that’s a lot of fun.”

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