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Bryan Danielson on why he signed with AEW, possibility of Brie Bella leaving WWE and joining him

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

During the AEW All Out media scrum, Bryan Danielson explained why he left WWE.

Danielson said that he loves Vince McMahon and he liked working in WWE. When he was asked when he first started thinking about AEW, he said that, just like CM Punk, he saw how AEW handled Brodie Lee's situation and he loved that because Brodie meant so much to him.

Danielson was asked about his wife Brie Bella joining AEW. He said that she is happy in WWE and she has many business connections through WWE so he doesn't see her leaving there.

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Danielson said that he loves Vince McMahon and that WWE was going to let him do some things outside of WWE but he felt that Vince is sometimes overprotective. Danielson said that in AEW he wants to do more in the ring.

Another interesting note from the media scrum was that Tony Khan said that he had handshake deals with Punk and Danielson and they only signed their deals recently.