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Bryan Danielson shares his favorite part of WWE run, talks possible Zack Sabre Jr. match

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Bryan Danielson made an appearance on the Casual Conversations podcast with Justin Dhillon and Danial Ali to discuss a wide range of topics. The following highlights were sent to us:

(3:14) I know you’ve been asked this question a ton so i’m going to try to try to put a little bit of a spin on it. I'm very curious because you know you were working at a company that you loved. You know your family is all there, everybody is there but you made the decision to come to AEW. I was very curious because i’ve heard some some of the interviews where you've talked about you know you watch everything you see what's going on in the wrestling world and that was part of you making your decision to maybe try wrestling somewhere else and I was wondering was there a specific match or moment something you saw that you’re like maybe I want to give that a shot and wrestle over there.

“So it wasn’t, it’s not necessarily a moment or anything like that although I was particularly moved like many people were by the AEW tribute show of Brodie Lee. He was a good friend of mine and to me they went above and beyond, especially for his son you know what I mean, for his wife and all that kind of stuff. That really touched my heart and so there was that but also I watched a lot of Zack Sabre Jr, I like him a lot. I think he’s my favorite wrestler to watch, I think because before I started in WWE I was doing some very technical wrestling with combining different submissions. Then I watched Zack wrestle more and more and he was just like woah… he was just blowing away the things that I thought was really cool. My favorite part of my whole WWE run was when I was the planet’s champion and I wasn’t doing the yes chant at all. One of the best things I thought is I could be a best service you know in AEW and doing some outside things”

(6:58) Are we going to see maybe Bryan Danielson vs Zack Sabre Jr as a junior, was the idea of being able to wrestle in Japan a big factor in making that decision? 

“Well so WWE would have let me do some shows in New Japan, I don’t know how much but I mean. It’s interesting because given the pandemic in the way it is now it’s not really urgent and humans like myself included aren’t great at looking at the long-term picture of things. I was like in 18 months I’ll be able to go to Japan and wrestle in New Japan when the pandemic is over but I’m mostly thinking like okay what does my next week look like or whatever. Both sides I probably would’ve been able to wrestle in Japan but then there’s this idea of spending more time at home with my kids. Although it was a very difficult decision there were times that I at different points was going one way or the other you know what I mean.”

(15:07) Now let's talk about moving forward. You are now the number one contender for the AEW championship. Hangman Page, the cowboy’s tail has come to a conclusion. He’s the champion now and that's who it looks like you’re facing moving forward. This is probably a two-ended question. First, how do you feel about Hangman as an opponent and are you a little bit disappointed that you’re not wrestling Kenny again for that championship considering how the last match ended.

“I think Hangman Page is awesome. I think you know there’s when people connect like that with a crowd. It becomes magic, that’s what you want. I think one of the cool things about Hangman Page is that he’s not somebody you know like for example Kenny Omega had a name coming in. The previous champions you know what i mean, you look at Jericho, Moxley, and Kenny and although Kenny wasn't in WWE but he had made a huge name for himself in Japan and all kinds of stuff. Hangman didn’t have that big of a name. I see him as an AEW homegrown star. You know it’s cool when I’m on a show and when he came out and won the ladder match. CM Punk and I were on the same show, the loudest reaction of the show was Hangman Adam Page. To me that’s super cool, that speaks volumes to how he’s been able to progress. Also that speaks volumes of AEW. They put him in a position where they trust somebody being the AEW World Champion, It’s a big thing. Now, am I a bit disappointed … yes, and part of that is kinda a story, like I mentioned it last week on Dynamite that it wasn’t Kenny Omega standing across from me. Realistically, I’m thrilled that it’s Hangman and I also feel like at some point Kenny and I are going to get a chance to do it again.”

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(30:40) Speaking of CM Punk, I wanted to ask now that you guys are in the same company after almost a decade. Do you think we will potentially see you facing CM Punk in the future or possibly reuniting as a tag-team to take on tag-team like the Young Bucks or FTR?”

“Yeah I mean, I think both of those are really exciting to me. You also mentioned 2 teams that I would love to do a serious program with not just a one-off thing. Who better to team with than Punk, although you know I always thought and said this even when I was in WWE, it felt to me like Punk and I were destined to do a Wrestlemania match together and then it never happened. It felt like man it’s so perfect and it makes so much sense that we would have this Wrestlemania match against each other and it never happened.”

“But now given the time of how long it’s been since we’ve been in a ring against each other or even as a tag-team, like now I feel like when we do it, it’ll be big and big in a different way. That’s something I look forward to, I also like the idea of us battling each other over who the real best in the world is, I think that sounds like a lot of fun.”

(33:04) Most wrestlers when they come into a new company or just generally, we’ve always seen them repping their own merch. You’ve been repping this white t-shirt and I’m just curious what is the story behind the white t-shirt?

“So AEW came up with a very nice American Dragon Is Back t-shirt. I think one of the things that has confused their merchandising people and also confused the WWE merchandising people is that I don’t wanna sell people things. So it’s a choice and it also makes my life simpler in the sense of like I don’t have to worry what I’m going to wear to tv right so a white shirt and some joggers. There’s Steve Jobs who was infamous for he would just do the black turtleneck and he didn’t have to worry. I don’t wanna waste my time thinking about what I’m going to wear. Anyways, there’s a certain aspect of that but part of my service is this idea of how we can benefit the planet and all that kind of stuff. One of the things that is hard for me is to sell people stuff.”

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