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Buff Bagwell makes a joke about CYN promotion, Braun Strowman responds

Marcus “Buff” Bagwell is apparently not a fan of Adam Scherr’s (Braun Strowman) Control Your Narrative promotion…or at the very least he’s having some fun at CYN’s expense.

It started when Buff’s Twitter account tweeted, “I just joined CYN. Wait, never mind, it was just gas.”

Scherr responded, “Funny you gonna try and throw shade casue what you think it’s the cool thing to do. You wanna look edgy?? Cause you sure were a mark asking to take a picture with me. You should probably worry about your narrative.”

In a separate tweet, Scherr wrote, “Don’t come at me or my company unless you want it back. Everyone thinks it’s funny to talk crap then I roast them and they cry victim. No a surprise on this app though”

Buff’s account responded, “Yes I asked for a picture. I’ve always had a fascination with clowns. You’re mad at me over a joke, don’t be so sensitive it’s only twitter.”

Scherr and Bagwell have been very active on social media in recent weeks. Bagwell has been rehabbing his image online while staying at DDP’s house and cleaning up his life from personal issues. Scherr has been combating negative comments about his promotion and he’s been vocal with his thoughts about AEW. Scherr recently claimed that AEW’s Tony Khan has blackballed wrestlers from CYN.

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