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Buff Bagwell says he is moving in with Diamond Dallas Page to get help he needs



Former WCW/WWE star Buff Bagwell announced today that he will be moving in with Diamond Dallas Page to get help. DDP recently stated on his podcast that Bagwell has having a rough time and they had been talking. It appears that Bagwell is taking DDP up on the offer.

“I always loved Marcus and he’s going through some tough times right now and we’ve been talking,” DDP said in January. “It’s hard because with Jake…we had a relationship where if I said, ‘listen Jake this is how we have to do this’ he respected and would work towards that. Mark is still his own animal. He’s gonna do what he wants to do. And I think over the last few months, we’ve been talking [and] I think that he’s getting more — just let me drive for a little while, bro. You know what I mean? That’s all. That’s all I want to do. Because when Jake let me drive, we had really great success.”

Bagwell tweeted the following:

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"I hate to do this, but due to me moving in with DDP this week to get the help I need and work on a new project called “Change or Die” I have to postpone my Orlando and Melbourne, FL appearances for this weekend. We will announce a new date very soon, you can get your refund at Where you originally purchased your tickets. I’m deeply sorry for this, but I have to get myself together to be the best Marcus Bagwell possible. I’ll still be in Ohio next weekend for our live show."

Bagwell noted that he will still be in Dallas for WrestleCon in Dallas. It's great to hear that DDP is helping him out and we wish nothing for the best for Buff.