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Bull Dempsey talks about his WWE release and his character



Former NXT star Bull Dempsey appeared on episode 72 of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast. Here are the highlights.

On his character going from a monster to a comedy figure:

"I think just with Kevin Owens coming in and the buzz that he had and the tear they were going to put him on, and, then, plus I had just finished up a program with [Baron] Corbin, he was being elevated. And it was just one of those things, I think, where I had done my job. I was a locker room guy. Everything was by the book and it was one of those things where I was well liked, so 'let's find something for him.' And everybody had kind of known that I had done some comedy stuff on the indies. I don't know how far up that knowledge went, but it was one of those things, like, 'hey, this is where we're going to go with you if you're cool with it' and, 'yeah, I'm cool with it. My check is clearing.'"

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On his WWE release:

"Maybe in time, I can look back and try to pinpoint when I could see the writing on the wall, but, to me, there was none. And even in talking to some of the coaches, everybody I talked to was like, 'this came out of left field', so they had no idea. So why? I don't know. But, at the same time, I don't care because I have to look forward. I have to put it behind me and I have to stick it to them in a professional, respectful way."

You can listen to the podcast here: