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Bully Ray discusses lack of real heels in today’s pro wrestling

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

Bully Ray continues to be outspoken about the state of pro wrestling these days but not in a bitter way but rather someone who is coming from a viewpoint to help the business.

While doing a recent interview with Wrestling INC, he discussed the lack of real heels in wrestling today and how to help those stars portraying a bad guy further get over with fans.

This is something that the WWE Hall of Famer knows all to well as he has been a great heel throughout his time in the world of pro wrestling in order to build a successful career.

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“A good heel elicits no emotions of joy from a wrestling crowd. A real heel is despised. A real heel is hated. A real heel does nothing that brings any happiness to anybody at any given time. And I really, truly believe that, and it’s a very old-school mentality when it comes to the heel that I am. In wrestling today, you have a lot of bad guys; there’s some bad guys, there’s some bad girls, but there’s no real heels. I talk about real heels, and I think even a better definition of what I do is I believe I’m the last of the ‘old-school’ heels.”

Ray continued by stating, “New-school heels are good from time to time, but they tend to be a little bit more entertaining, and I don’t think that my heels should ever be entertaining first. If being entertaining is a by-product of what you’re doing, you can’t control that, because some people just root for the bad guys, and you can’t help that. I try to do my best to make sure that everybody hates me, and in-turn, if everybody hates me, that means they love the good guy that I’m in there with. That’s my job, and a lot of people don’t stick to their job nowadays.”