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Bully Ray explains why Brock Lesnar should win WWE Title from Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston, Bully Ray, Brock Lesnar

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray explained during an edition of Busted Open Radio why he thinks Kofi Kingston should drop the WWE Title to Brock Lesnar on the premiere episode of SmackDown on FOX. 

Ray started out by talking about how it wasn’t the moves that made Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar great but rather the story that they told. He brought up the accolades that Lesnar has and how he is known as the WWE star. 

“Brock’s name is known by people who might not be wrestling fans. Brock should bring a lot of eyes to this show on Friday. He’s the biggest name and that’s why they’re going with him. Brock as your champion is what’s best for business right now with your show going to FOX.”

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Ray would also talk about how he would like to see Lesnar on the show twice a month. He even thinks WWE could convince Lesnar to wrestle once a month by defending the WWE Title on the show. 

You can listen to the entire clip by clicking on the player below: