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Bully Ray reacts to fans still cheering Becky Lynch while insulting Edge at WWE SmackDown 1000



WWE is trying everything in their power to get fans to boo Becky Lynch, and it's not working. Lynch was set to turn heel at SummerSlam after she attacked Charlotte Flair following their match. However, fans have been cheering for "The Irish Lasskicker" ever since. Last week on SmackDown 1000, WWE pulled off their latest effort to finally get the crowd to start booing Lynch. WWE Hall Of Famer Edge made his return to WWE TV for the special episode, hosting his "Cutting Edge" segment with Lynch and Flair.

During the segment, Edge tried to persuade Lynch to see that her attitude as of late won't get her anywhere. However, Edge's words fell on deaf ears, and Lynch proceeded to take a shot at "The Rated R-Superstar," by telling him to get out of her ring, and not to hurt his neck on the way out - taking a shot at the injury that ended Edge's in-ring career. Despite Lynch taking a shot at one of the biggest babyfaces around, the crowd still cheered her and refused to boo the SmackDown Live Women's Champion.

WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray took to "Busted Open Radio" to offer his thoughts on the matter. Here's what he had to say:

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"Did you hear anybody booing her on the line about the neck? You put her in the ring with a guy the WWE Universe loves and respects and appreciates. He's an uber babyface and there was nothing that he could have said or did that would have changed people's opinions.

"[The fans] know that WWE is going to come at them from all angles to try and get you on the boo train when it comes to Becky. That's not gonna happen. They want her to be the girl. And she looks great playing the part of that snarky champion. She's hitting some great lines. She looks good with the belt.

"There's nothing that Becky is doing right now that as a fan makes me wanna boo her despite the fact that everything she is doing right now should make me boo her," Bully Ray said.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions