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Bully Ray recalls being told by Vince McMahon that his punches were the sh*ts



On a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray told some Vince McMahon stories and he recalled the one time when word was passed on to him that he was not allowed to throw punches in his matches.

Bully said, Dean Malenko comes up to me and he goes 'they don't want you to throw any punches tonight.' I said 'what?' [Dean says] 'Yeah, they said don't throw any punches.' I said, 'Dean, who is they?' [Dean says], 'Bubba don't worry about it. Just don't throw any punches tonight.' I'm like, 'what do you mean don't throw punches. I don't get it.' [Dean said], 'They don't want you to throw punches.' [I said,], 'Dean, who is they' and Dean wouldn't give me an answer."

Bully was determined to get some answers and then he decided to go straight to Vince McMahon's office.

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Bully said, "So I said alright, I'm just gonna go to the boss. And I go to Vince's office and I look and the door was ajar and I could see that he was washing his hands in the bathroom of his office. And I kicked the door in and it startled him and I go 'What's with the no punches?' He goes, 'Oh my god, your punches have been the sh*ts lately.' I go, 'really? How about I punch you right now and we see how much of the sh*ts they really are. (Vince laughs) And I'm like, 'seriously.' He goes, 'yeah, I don't like your punches lately, work on your punches.' I was 'alright boss you got it.' And it was that simple. You know, and he just appreciates the back and forth and you know, but you tried not to do it in front of people, right Mark? You don't challenge him in front of other men. You can do it one on one but don't disrespect him or call him out in front of others.

Bully went on to say that he doesn't have one bad word to say about Vince because Vince took care of him and Devon.

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