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Bully Ray says he turned down backstage WWE role, JBL says he didn't enjoy his brief time as an agent/producer



JBL and Gerald Brisco welcomed Bully Ray/Bubba Ray Dudley as their guest on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

JBL said the rumors of Vince McMahon telling him to go after somebody in the ring for real it not true:

“The one thing that never happened, people talk about Vince sent us after people, that 100% never happened. They never said, ‘Go after this tag team or beat these guys up, or do this or do that.’ We were never told one time anything like that by anybody in the WWE as far as agents or anything else. That became a myth later.”

Brisco asked Bubba if he was ever asked or considered being a producer or an agent for WWE:

“Vince has offered me a position in the past. He told me, ‘When you’re ready, I would love to have you here as a producer.’ I don’t think the job is the same job it used to be when you (Jerry Brisco) were a producer or an agent. I believe the producers and agents now just carry the marching orders of creative to the boys, and I don’t think the boys have as much input into things these days. I do consider myself creative, and if I don’t feel like that creativity can be put to work for the guys and the gals putting their matches together, I kind of feel stifled. I would try it one day. It seems different than when you and Pat (Patterson), Jack (Lanza), Michael (Hayes), and the agents that I grew up on, and worked with, than they are today.”

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JBL said he tried to be an agent for a few months but didn’t enjoy it:

“I tried it for a few months and I didn’t really enjoy it. You try to explain things in the best way that you feel is in the interest of the performers, and they have so many different ideas. The ones that I dealt with, some of them were awesome. I think who was awesome was Roman Reigns. He got everything. That was before he main-evented all those WrestleManias. I thought, ‘This guy is really smart.’ Some of them, you would tell them something, and they would go running and try to change it. Guys, just tell me if you don’t like it. I’m not going to take it personally.”

Bubba talking about the changes in WWE from when he left in 2006 and when he came back in 2015:

“I don’t know if that freedom is still there. When me and D-Von had left in 2006, I remember what the WWE was like. When we went back in 2015, I remember feeling so stifled as a performer. You had to run almost everything by the agent. Being told that, ‘Two guys don’t bump and feed for a comeback anymore, or you can’t do this behind the ref's back.’ Everything that had worked in The Attitude Era that made us all a lot of money, now you couldn’t do anymore, and there was not really a good answer as to why you couldn’t do it anymore. It’s just that they don’t want it done anymore. I felt handcuffed. I would get into it with my agents, and I didn’t care.

Brisco said, “That’s what we’re there for basically, but I don’t know if they have that right anymore.”

Bubba continued: “I remember dealing with an agent one time. I came up with something different and I felt passionate about it. I asked my agent to please go run it by Vince. My agent said, ‘Ok, I will.’ I followed my agent for an hour. He never spoke to Vince, and then he came back to me and said, ‘Vince doesn’t want to do that.’ I lose all the respect in the world for you. I would much rather you tell me to my face, ‘You know what Bubba? I don’t want to go talk to him right now. If you want to go do it, you go do it.’”

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