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Bully Ray says Randy Orton vs. Edge at WWE Backlash was an 8-star match but explains why it shouldn't have gone on last



During Monday's Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray gave his candid thoughts on what was billed as "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" between Edge and Randy Orton at Backlash.

Bully explained why the match should not have gone on last

Bully Ray commenting on Backlash and the Randy Orton vs Edge match: “First of all, I don’t think that match should have gone on last for the same reason I don’t think any match that’s not a World Heavyweight Championship should go on last. Yes, I do understand there are extenuating circumstances when you have mega, super, to the moon, stars like an Undertaker or a Cena. The claim of World Heavyweight Champion is the biggest claim in the company. In a company right now that does not have the mega stars that it once had, all you do is give me a kink in the armor of Drew McIntyre telling me he is not good enough to go on last.

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Now, the Finkel stuff. Off the charts. Loved it. What a great nod to Howard. I’m sure he was grinning ear to ear in heaven. If we are going to get the greatest wrestling match of all time, as a wrestler, I want to be as up close and personal to this as possible. First thing I would have done, everybody on the card, since Edge and Orton were on last, everybody should have been out there. All the wrestlers in the back should have wanted to experience the greatest match ever with their own eyes, thus, making it more of a crowd, making it a louder crowd. I don’t need piped in crowd noise telling me I should like or not like something. But, there were no problems in the match. This was a damn good match. This was a great match. This was an excellent match. This was a very well performed match. This was like an 8-star match and I don’t put star ratings on anything.

The match was one continuous match as if it was live in front of 20,000 people. The match wasn’t edited. It wasn’t done a couple times. They didn’t yell cut. They didn’t take a break. They went straight through like two professionals would. Two old school professionals would. Did they break or add in once or twice a camera shot, like the underneath camera shot of the lockup? Yes, they would have had to have done that because there was no camera in that continuous shot. How do I know? Because I know. That’s how I know. Not because some stooge in the back told me.”

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